Grimsby Fishmongers in London.

If you’re looking to find the best hand-selected top-quality fresh fish in the London area then we can put you in touch with any of the Grimsby mobile fishmongers vans in London and the surrounding areas. From Chiswick to Chertsey, from Stevenage to Staines and from Battersea to Brentford. The London Fishmongers load up on Grimsby fishdocks starting from early every monday morning, then they’re London bound down the A1 with the first fish deliveries reaching customers in the London area after lunchtime.

Text here: 07790459051

There are mobile fishmongers’ vans visiting most boroughs so if you want fresh fish delivery in London the Grimsby vans are near you.

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Get in touch and we will forward your details to the nearest fishmonger so that he or she can message you with information on their days and times in your borough. All you need to do is send us your contact details, we’ll need your name & address and most importantly your postcode and your telephone number – mobile is best but a landline is fine.

Fresh fish London bound.

The Best Fish in London


07790 459051

An email or text is preferable to voicemail for accuracy.

Please include your POSTCODE.

Some areas have two vans and we must contact the nearest to you.

Your information will not be used for any other purpose

apart from fishmonger contact!


Preparing a large halibut.


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